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Press release: Debatepedia completes definitive pro/con article on Holocaust denial bans

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On July 14th, Debatepedia completed a definitive article outlining the pros and cons of criminalizing Holocaust denial.

July 14th, 2009 -- Washington, DC -- Debatepedia completed a comprehensive pro/con article on whether governments around the world, and particularly in Europe, should criminalize the public denial of the Holocaust's occurrence during World War II. Holocaust denial is the claim that the genocide of Jews during World War II — usually referred to as the Holocaust — did not occur, or that it did not happen in the manner or to the extent historically recognized. Many governments have chosen to ban such holocaust denial, including Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. In June and July of 2009, the issue took an interesting turn, with international calls being made on Facebook to ban Facebook groups that are oriented around Holocaust denial, or racist themes. While Facebook is a private organization, the issue with regards to its site has reinvogorated the debate regarding outlawing Holocaust denial at the public or state level.

Recognizing the rising importance of the issue, Debatepedia has completed a comprehensive overview of the main arguments in the debate. The article isolates a cumulative 44 pro and con arguments, drawing from over 25 op-ed pieces, editorials, essays, speeches, and books. It represents the most thorough break-down of the issue, so that citizens and leaders around the world who are grappling with this issue can fully weigh the pros and cons, develop positions, vote accordingly, draw up legislation, and make decisions.

Debatepedia is a global wiki encyclopedia of public debates, pro and con arguments, and supporting quotations. A project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), Debatepedia is something like "the Wikipedia of pros and cons". It aims to engage you and other citizen-editors in centralizing your original arguments - as well as arguments and quotations found in millions of articles, essays, and books - into a single encyclopedia. This helps you and other citizens better weigh the pros and cons in important public debates and make decisions.

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