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Romanian Association of Debate Oratory and Rhetoric (Romania)

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At the secondary level, there are approximately 40 clubs, each with about 25 students, making up 1000 high school debaters. There are approximately 30 teachers, as well as other coaches who are either university students or alumni. There are currently 20 people being trained to teach. Approximately 80 students and alumni are involved at the university level, in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara. Rather than actually debating, they mostly support the secondary students through coaching, judging, public events, voluntary service etc. They also participate in international parliamentary competitions. The last National Parliamentary Championship took place in 2005 and gathered approx. 90-100 participants. Asociatia Romana de Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica (ARDOR) has worked with members of the Youth Parliaments/ Councils in Bucharest, Arad, Sf. Gheorghe, and members of the educational communities in the schools where ARDOR does not have debate clubs, but where it develops programs in order to broaden the club network and project portfolio. It has also worked with 30-40 participants at a training provided by ARDOR under a contract with a HR firm and Coca Cola (employees + other beneficiaries). Other partner groups include approximately 90 journalists, public persons and civic activists that were members of the judging panel in a TV show produced by the Romanian public TV channel in collaboration with ARDOR, members of the partner organizations in their national projects: the Association Pro Democratia, Transparency International, the Association Betania, etc., members of the student community in Timisoara [], and the visitors of the 4 websites related to the activities and projects of ARDOR [] [] [] [] [ ]


ARDOR teaches Karl Popper, World School and Parliamentary Debate. ARDOR Moldova has been working on strengthening the network of teachers qualified to teach debating in the public school system. ARDOR Muntenia has been focusing on organizing debates at different events with mass-media coverage (US Embassy, Public debates with members of the Lower Parliamentary Chamber etc). ARDOR Transilvania has been widening the club network and training new students and judges. The “Disputa” Association has been offering trainings for judges and beginners debaters. ARDOR Banat has concentrated on becoming more visible through projects targeting the student community. ARDOR has also been promoting World Schools Debating format through organizing the FIAT international competition and by participating at different international competitions.

One project ARDOR places particular focus on is youth parliaments/ councils. They have organized activities in three towns concerning counseling, advocacy, project writing, leadership, public speaking and legislative debates. Another national project was the countrywide tour of 10 civic conferences and public debates with personalities from the civil and academic society, meant to promote the democratic values and the importance of public debates. The roundtable program « Romanian Youth Versus Corruption » was carried out in five Romanian towns, on topics related to fighting smallscale corruption. ARDOR held the annual national Forum of KP debate, and added trainings on personal development, debate formats and European legislation. ARDOR continued to develop its new public speaking project, on topics about discrimination.

Events Hosted

 The public debate hosted by the Romanian Ministry of European Integration on the occasion of the official launching of the IDEA Youth Forum – Romania 2006

 The event organized by the Ministry of European Integration in collaboration with ARDOR on Spring Day 2006

 The public debates organized in five Romanian cities under the project “Romanian Youth Versus Corruption”, in collaboration with the Transylvanian Association “Disputa”

 The public debates organized by the American Cultural Center in Bucharest, in collaboration with ARDOR, on the occasion of the Human Rights Day and the anniversary day of the Center

 The 10 civic conferences tour started in October 2006, in 10 Romanian cities.

 The debates and trainings organized at the 12th ARDOR National Forum

 The debates and trainings within the project Youth Parliaments

 The public speaking competition on fighting discrimination, in collaboration with the National Council for Fight Against Discrimination - CNCD, started in autumn 2006 and developed countrywide in 2007

 The International IDEA Youth Forum – Romania 2006, organized under the patronage of the Romanian Ministry of European Integration. The Romanian public TV channel dedicated a special program to this event.

 The TV program “The « Against» Generation”, consisting of 30 episodes in prime time

Topics Addressed

 Social responsibility

 Human rights

 Fight against corruption

 Democratic values

 Minorities’ rights

 TV debate topics: 30 topics of general interest (education, minorities’ rights, democratic citizenship, environment, mass media etc.)

 The TPS projects: « Peace, Security and Human Rights », « Energy and Global Climate Changes », « The Millennium Development Goals », « Poverty, Hunger and Health », within the 2006 theme: “Working Together With the World: What’s in It for the US ?”


 The Ministry of European Integration : patronage and sponsorship for the International IDEA Youth Forum – Romania 2006; two public debates and events

 The US Embassy in Bucharest – the project “Romanian Youth versus Corruption” financed within the program “Democracy Commission Small Grants” of the US Department of State

 Balkan Trust for Democracy – grantor of the project “Youth Parliament”

 SIVECO company – sponsor of the project of civic conferences « On the Good Use of Democracy »

 The Ratiu Family Foundation: sponsor of the project of civic conferences

 The National Anti-Drug Agency – partner in the project “Three Steps for a Healthy Life”

 Orange company: sponsor of the project “You Know Who You Are, You Know What You Want”

 The National Council for Fight Against Discrimination (CNCD) – partner in the pilot project of public speaking, developed at national level in 2007 under the sponsorship of CNCD

 The promoters of the TPS project - IDEA, United Nation Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution

 ROMPETROL company – sponsor of the project “Romanian Youth Versus Corruption”

 Alcatel, BRD, Manpower – sponsors of the university project “Student TM”

 The Agency of on line communication Selenis – support for the website of the project of civic conferences

 IDEA - The International IDEA Youth Forum – Romania 2006

 Mayoralties, local councils, several county departments for youth and sports

ARDOR’s media partners:

 The Romanian public television  „Cotidianul” newspaper  ”Romania Libera” newspaper  “24 – FUN” magazine

NGO partners:

 Association Pro Democratia - public conferences on the theme « On the Good Use of Democracy »  Ratiu Center for Democracy – public conferences on the theme « On the Good Use of Democracy »  National Institute of Criminology- “Romanian Youth versus Corruption” project  Transparency International – Romania -“Romanian Youth versus Corruption” project  “Concept” Foundation – “Romanian Youth versus Corruption” project


Address: Sos. Iancului 10 , bl 114 B, apt 50, sector 2, 021 712 Bucharest

Phone: (+40 21) 250 65 34

Fax: (+40 21) 250 90 35

Contact Name and function: Monica Mocanu, President, +40740042224

Contact Email:

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