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Press release - June 9th, 2008

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For Immediate Release

As general elections heat-up, unveils a definitive pro/con article on "Withdrawing from Iraq".

NEW YORK, NY (June 6th, 2007) - Debatepedia, "the Wikipedia of debates", recently published on its website one of the most definitive presentations available of the pro and con arguments surrounding withdrawing "early" from Iraq. With the initiation of the US general elections, this debate has re-surfaced. The two candidates, Senator Barack Obama (the presumptive Democratic nominee) and Senator John McCain (the presumptive Republican nominee), take opposing positions in this debate. They would take the United States, Iraq, and the world down very different paths. Barack Obama is calling for a timetable withdrawal irrespective of conditions on the ground. John McCain is calling for the continued presence of US troops until conditions are met and "victory" achieved. Debatepedia's comprehensive coverage of this debate, therefore, is well timed to enable the American and global publics to better deliberate through the arguments and decide which candidate they should support.

The article can be found at this link:

With 106 pro arguments and and 74 con arguments outlined so-far, and with multiple "supporting quotations" for these arguments from scholars and experts, Debatepedia's coverage of this debate is certainly the most comprehensive available.

Some interesting "pro", withdraw-early arguments include:

  • "The 'domino theory' in a post-Iraq-withdrawal Middle East is as illegitimate as it was in Vietnam."
  • "Withdrawing from Iraq would restore US credibility not undermine it."
  • "The Iraq War has hamstrung US Middle East policy."

Some interesting "con", stay-the-course arguments include:

  • "Success in Iraq is possible, as is evidenced by the succesful 'surge'."
  • "An early US withdrawal from Iraq would boost the morale of insurgents."
  • "The US has a duty to Iraqis to stay and minimize the damage it has caused."

With the general elections just now underway, Debatepedia is encouraging citizens to examine the arguments, deliberate, and consider supporting the candidate that shares their opinion on the matter. Because Debatepedia is a wiki, it also invited readers to join the debate and contribute arguments to the article that don't yet exist, improve existing ones, or to add supporting quotations from sources that have not yet been cited in the article.

Press Contact:

Brooks Lindsay

Founder and chief editor of Debatepedia, President of Debatemedia, Inc.

(Phone) 206-406-7558, (Email)

Based in Washington, DC.

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