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Press release: Debatepedia outlines pros and cons of government bailout of journalism

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Debatepedia outlines pros and cons of government bailout of journalism

Summary: On May 4th, Debatepedia completed the most comprehensive pro/con article available of the debate on a government bailout of journalism. With the journalism industry on the verge of collapse, the article offers the timely opportunity for citizens and high-up leaders to fully deliberate and take action (or not).

Washington, DC - May 4th, 2009 - Debatepedia, "the Wikipedia of pros and cons" and a project of the International Debate Education Association (a 501c3 pilot project of the Open Society Institute), completed on May 4th an extensive pro/con resource on the idea of bailing out journalism. With the journalism industry entering a major crisis in 2008 and 2009 - including closures of major newspapers such as the Seattle PI and Rocky Mountain news and the Tribune Company declaring bankruptcy - many influential journalists, politicians, and leaders have begun calling for a bailout of newspapers and news companies. And, with the multi-billion dollar bailouts of banks and the automakers continuing apace, many have asked why not bailout the floundering journalism industry as well. Is it not, many ask, just as important as the financial system and automakers? Is journalism not essential in an open democratic society? Or, would a government bailout actually damage free press and the independence of journalism?

These are only a few of the questions that Debatepedia's extensive pro/con article covers. In all, the article draws quotes and arguments from over 22 of the major pro and con editorials and opinion pieces in this global debate. The article contains 8 sub-debate sections that frame a total of 27 unique pro and con arguments that are being made around the world by different prominent voices.

The article demonstrates the power of Debatepedia's model in elegantly dissecting complicated debates, and framing them in a simple pro/con structure. Debatepedia is innovating what it calls "the in-depth journalism of public debates", with the mission of "clarify public debates and improve decision-making globally". Its Founder, Brooks Lindsay, believes that this micro-industry is a critical new field in journalism, making the debate article on "bailing out journalism" particularly relevant to his work. By opening the door to creating an encyclopedia of every pro and con argument and debate in the world - globally, nationally, and locally - Mr Lindsay believes Debatepedia and similar debate journalism projects (such as, Opposing Views, and Debatewise) have great potential to add value to the industry as well as create employment opportunities. Indeed, while a government bailout of the industry may be necessary, he believes that new innovations in journalism - such as Debatepedia - are part of the equation for the industry to become independently viable in the 21st century.

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