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Press release: Debatepedia launches robust community-building initiative

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Summary: Debatepedia launched a robust and innovative web 2.0 community-building strategy on March 1, and has continued it through June, with great success, worth noting to others in the Web 2.0 user-generated content world.

Washington, DC. - June 18th, 2009 - Debatepedia began implementing on March 1 an innovative new community-building initiative. The campaign began in early March as a way to expand Debatepedia’s community of volunteer editors and helpers. The main focus of the new strategy is to reward the work of Debatepedia’s existing community, giving them an incentive to engage more, and also giving non-members an incentive to join up. The main reward is highlighting editors and their good work VERY prominently, at the top of the main page. Even if an editor adds only a single argument to an article, Debatepedia highlights them on the main page and informs them that they are being featured on the main page of the site for their work.

By all accounts, those that have been recognized have felt a renewed sense of value within the Debatepedia community and work harder. And, by all accounts, those that see that others are being rewarded prominently for their hard work, seek similar reward. In addition, by very prominently highlighting editors and their contributions, this community-building strategy opens opportunities to passer-by’s to jump in and collaborate with other users.

In addition to highlighting the new contributions on the main page, Debatepedia has launched an effort to update Debatepedia’s community on such activities through Twitter’s instant updating functionality. This way, Debatepedia’s community is shown what’s going on around the community and given opportunities to jump in (instead of having to find these activities and opportunities). Debatepedia realizes that the only way to create an encyclopedia of every debate and pro and con argument in the world is by crowd-sourcing the effort. Debatepedia is implementing this new strategy with the hopes of building a community of thousands of volunteer editors working tirelessly to “clarify public debates globally”. Such high hopes require that Debatepedia continually reinvent the ways in which it rewards and cultivates the individual desires and values of its volunteers.

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