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Press release: Debatepedia Unites Leaders of Online Public Debate at Politics Online 2009

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Debatepedia Unites Leaders of Online Public Debate at Politics Online 2009

Washington, DC – March 26, 2009 - Debatepedia Founder Brooks Lindsay will host a panel at the Politics Online Conference on “The Future of the Public Debate – Online” at 2pm on April 20th in Washington, DC.

The panel will bring together the leaders of the most promising online public debate projects, including representatives from Debatepedia,, Opposing Views, CreateDebate, ConvinceMe, and Debategraph. The panel will discuss this exciting new micro-industry, successes and failures of far, and the way forward for the public debate - online.

The many different projects in this field reflect a clear trend in solving a critical problem in modern democracies: Public debates on any given topic are scattered across dozens and sometimes hundreds of newspapers, editorials, commentaries, speeches, books, and statements. Each of the projects included on the panel attempt to solve this problem and clarify public debates by centralizing all of the arguments being made “out there” into structured articles, where every argument is seen clearly in a pro/con splitscreen format.

In world of sound bites, this new field of work is important, and worth exploration in the first panel of its kind. The Future of the Public Debate at the Politics Online conference will be the first gathering of the leading practitioners (both non-profit and for-profit) in the field. It will constitute a significant moment in which this micro-industry comes together to organize more cohesively to achieve its mission of clarifying public debates around the world.

Press contact information:
Brooks Lindsay
Founder of Debatepedia
206 406 7558

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