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Make posts and comments here regarding this contents page. Make your comments specific to the organization of this page, as well as such things as better names for categories and porals, new categories and portals you think might make sense, changes to the structure of categories and portals, and anything else having to do with categories and portals.


Perhaps a better title for "state intervention" would be "state involvement" as the "intervention" has some connotations of aggressive state involvement, when the involvement may be more "innocent". Also, intervention has a connotation that something has happened, which the state then later intervenes in to prevent to to change, which may be too small a framework for the broader state "involvement" that this category seems to aim at. Brooks Lindsay 11:42, 17 September 2007 (CDT)

New category and portal ideas

  • Nationalism
  • Social issues
  • Natural resources (done)
  • Fashion
  • Youth, instead of "under-age", as it captures a broader and larger category. It is also better language.

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