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User pages and features appear in the upper right of the screen. But this is only when a user is logged in. Make sure to create an account/login so that you can benefit from these features.

When a user is not logged in, the following appears

  • Users IP address: Even when a user is not logged in, their IP address is recorded.
  • Talk for this IP: An unregistered user can communicate via their IP address talk page to other users.
  • Login/create new account: A user can create a new account or login. Please do this as soon.

When a user is logged in, the following appears:

Name of user (user page)

This shows that you are logged in, and, if you click on this, you will be taken to your user main page. On this, you can create a bio of yourself, import an image or pic, and do whatever you want to customize this page.

my talk

This page is very important for the functionality of Debatepedia and other wikis, as it is where you can communicate with other members of the community. If someone writes on your talk page, you will be notified as soon as you log in. You should go to the page, and respond to the comment. You can respond on your own talk page below the comment (with an indentation) or the talk page of the other user.


You can adjust they way you view Debatepedia at this page.

my watchlist

The can 'watch' pages you find especially interesting ans see any changes to them on your watchlist.

my contributions

This lists all the edits you have made on Debatepedia.

log out

This link logs you out of Debatepedia

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