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This page is for editors to ask questions of any kind regarding Debatepedia and its use. Those that know the answer, whether administrators or other users, can hep answer questions on this page. Ask a question by starting a new section at the top of the list below. Do this by creating a title for your comment/question, and by placing two "equals" signs on either side of that title. Ask a detailed question below that. Here's how, without the quotation marks: "==" Title of Question "==". Answers to questions should be given directly below the question, and should be denoted with a bullet point (an Astrix before the statement).

What is Debatepedia?

What is Debatepedia?

  • Debatepedia is an online resource consisting of three major types of articles: Pro/Con Debates; Debate Theory and Argument articles; Club and Organization articles. In terms of innovation, for its Pro/Con Debates, Debatepedia applies wiki technology (from Wikipedia: to the presentation of a debate's affirmative and negative side, allowing for users to not only read both sides of a debate simultaneously, but to also join in the debate themselves, to edit content, as they would in any Wiki.


What is the copyright status of material contributed by the public? If I'm to be an active participant, I'd want the resulting body of work to be available under a free license, like on Wikipedia. There is no copyright policy posted in the wiki, though the edit page seems to have inherited the GFDL message from Wikipedia? -- Beland 20:43, 6 June 2008 (CDT)

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