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Debate team and organization pages are designed for debate teams and organizations to post information about their organization, profiles of individuals, records of victories, and more.

Debate team pages and uses

On your debate team page, you can:

  • Post the history of your debate team.
  • Put up profiles of current and past members.
  • Document your debate competition record.
  • Post the future presence of your debate team at an up-coming tournament.
  • Post the debates that you are most interested in.
  • Talk among you team-mates on the talk page about what you're up to.
  • Organizing debate teams around specific debate topics on Debatepedia.
  • Do whatever you want within the boundaries of this being a "team page".

Team page naming and creation

You and anybody else can create a team page on Debatepedia. See Debatepedia:Creating New Pages on how to create new pages on Debatepedia

The naming convention here is for the title of a debate team page to simply be the full name of your debate team. So:

  • Wakeforest University Debate Team
  • University of Michigan Debate Team

Debate-related organization pages

We define debate organization loosely as an established entity or group that exists in the field of debate, argumentation, reasoning and logic. The definition is more inclusive than exclusive, so, if there is any doubt, error on the side of creating an organization page. You and other editors are allowed to create pages for such debate-related organizations. The functions of these pages include:

  • For organizations to organize their efforts and collaborations on Debatepedia in areas of interest to them. This could be on particular debate topics or in other areas.
  • Writing bios of members.
  • Communicating the activities of these groups in the field of debate.
  • Taking advantage of Debatepedia's wiki technology for the purposes of advancing intra-organization collaboration.
  • Taking advantage of Debatepedia's wiki technology for the purposes of advancing inter-organization collaboration.

Some rules

  • The front page of a team and organization pages are mainly meant to be descriptive and encyclopedic. While individuals outside of a debate team and organization are capable of editing on these pages, they must be careful here to abide by the above rule.
  • Talk pages can be used for any purposes of the team, organization, and outsiders.
  • Civility and respect must be maintained on talk pages.

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