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Debate: Pete Rose in Baseball Hall of Fame

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Should Pete Rose be allowed into the baseball hall of fame?

Background and context

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Yes, yes, yes. It is the greatest travesty in professional sports. Pete Rose, arguably the best to ever have played the game, needs to be inducted into The Hall before the opportunity outlives us all. Baseball needs to put his 'crime' in perspective, for when judging him by the standards of today's professional sports players in all venues (the juicers, the killers, the drug users, the gun toters, the gay bashers, hate crimers, sexual assaulters, animal torturers, and spouse beaters) Pete is an absolute girl scout. In case no one has noticed, gambling is now legal just about everywhere. Pete Rose never "bet" for or against his own team, he never threw a game. His statistics cannot be ignored. MLB can pretend his records don't exist, but the sad fact is they do and will for a long time. It is time for MLB to get their collective heads out of their you know whats and give Pete Rose the recognition he so rightfully earned and deserves. INDUCT PETE ROSE INTO THE HALL OF FAME THIS YEAR. STOP WASTING TIME. WE ALL WANT TO SEE HIM THERE.

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