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Debate: Palestinian state

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Do the Palestinians have a right to their own state? Should governments recognize it?

Background and context

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  • Israel is the only Hebrew country in the world. There are many Arab countries. There is nothing particularly unique about the Palestinians that makes them different to any other Arabs, whereas the Jews have nowhere else to go. History has shown that wherever they have been an ethnic minority in another country, they have nearly always suffered persecution in some form or other, so it is necessary for them to have their own state.
  • Israeli rule in the end is probably better for the Palestinians than self rule, because Israel is already a more stable, democratic, economically strong, relatively non corrupt, and religiously tolerant nation than a Palestinian state would be. Palestinian politics are heavily influenced by terrorists such as Hamas and the like. Surely if the West wishes to encourage values such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of worship and so on it should discourage the arrival of a state which would be very weak on these issues.

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