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Debate: Each society should make things illegal that they feel are immoral and harm others

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Reasons to agree

  1. That is the definition of a good law... All good laws prohibit immoral things that harm others... of course we can't all agree on what is immoral, but each society tries to agree, and when they all agree that something is immoral and harms other innocent people, then they outlaw it... theft, murder, rape, arson, and battery area all things that most societies agree are immoral and that harm other people... When a society struggles with a law, it is because either they can't agree that that activity is immoral, or if it harms someone else.
  2. Otherwise what kind of laws should we pass? Should we only outlaw moral activities that help people?

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Reasons to disagree

  1. "It is not the function of the law to enforce the whole of morality". ~ 'Norval Morris and Gordon Hawkins, The Honest Politician's Guide to Crime Control, 1970

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