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Debate: Death penalty for child rape

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Is the death penalty justified in instances of child rape?

Background and context

There are 58 countries who have used a death penalty in at least the last 10 years and still have it as one of their punishments. 16 of those countries use it for crimes of rape, rape of children, and rape under aggravating circumstances while other countries have been under pressure to impose it, because of the high rates of crime.

In countries around the world, there are thousands to tens of thousands of children being raped every year.

It should be noted that out of the 3000+ people on death row in the United States, only one has not committed homicide.

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  • Death penalty justifiable in case of child rape. The ramifications on the said child is like carrying a life sentence often manifesting itself in the victim becoming a figure of torment themselves. they often turn to alcahol or drugs to act as a crutch to get them through life there by effectivly sentencing them to a life of torment. This can be excasburated by having to face their tormentor on a regular basis. In putting forward the death penalty as the price you pay for abusing/ raping children sends out a clear message to would be perpatrators. the offenders themselves very rarely change their habits and in fact over %98 reoffend. So in order to be able to protect our children let us push forward this proposal so we can live in a just a fair society free from these vile creatures.

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A person shouldn't be sentenced to death over something as rape. It is well a bit drastic for the crime. If a someone has sex with a child then it is horrible, but it is still a basic crime that has been going on since the beginning of time. Fact in the old days life spans were so short that parant tried to sell off their daughters as earlier as 9 years old, and most were mothers by the time they were 15. It was a basic way of living at the time it was understood and accepted. Now times have changed where people who follow with strong belief that what they are doing is right when in fact it is plain sick. Death was abused in the past where a person could cry "Witch!" and the great lands would utter "Off with their heads!". The most famous person for this is "Bloody Mary" the Queen of Scotts. So knowing this if we allow people to sentence a rapist to death no matter who they raped can't we say "off with their heads" in much the same manner? The courts are a battle ground for campaign so wouldn't a judge abuse this in order to attain a higher opinion in the peoples mind? Would the child of the rapes be just as satisfied knowing that their rapist will be behind bars for 10 years to life? I know I would, but I can't speak for the people.

The death penalty in some staes has been deemed inhumane and has been banned. So answer me this how can you approve something so evil, so vile and wicked as death for a person who is so pittiful they have to get it on with a child? Where is the justice in that? What is so bad that a person must die and another live just to please a single victim?

Now locking them up usually doesn't help seeing how 98% of rapists will rape again. And that if a child is abused too much them selves, when they have kids it's all they will know how to teach them. As evil as rape may be no matter the victim the rapist too has his/her right to prove the case against them or to disprove it. But isn't 10- life just as bad as murder for a child rapist? Behind bars where they go there are no children to rape there are only adults and stories, most stories without names. Hearing them over and over again until they die never to touch a child again.

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