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Argument: Universal health care is not welfare; its benefits are diverse/widespread

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Supporting quotations

Kao-Ping Chua, "Arguments and counterarguments about universal health care". AMSA. Retrieved May 30th, 2008 - "Universal healthcare would essentially be a government handout to the uninsured. •Universal healthcare would result in a number of moral, economic, and cultural benefits. It is not a welfare policy for the uninsured; rather, it is a policy whose benefits would accrue to all Americans. For example, universal healthcare would save money, improve our health, and create a society with more equal opportunity. These are things all Americans can enjoy. •There are many services that are provided by the government that can be seen as "handouts." Corporate welfare (e.g. the subsidization of oil companies by the government through tax breaks and direct subsidies) might be a government handout, depending on one's political perspective. •Education is something that is provided by the government. Is education a handout to society? Or is it a wise policy that makes America stronger?"

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