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Argument: Natural gas can replace fossil fuels that emit more greenhouse gases

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Supporting quotations

David Parker, president and CEO of the American Gas Association. - "While renewable energy is our future, America’s natural gas companies offer unparalleled solutions today for reducing greenhouse gas emissions...Increasing our natural gas supply is a fundamental necessity for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the nation’s energy outlook."[1]

Jessica Emond. "Increasing Natural Gas Supply is Fundamental for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Increasing Energy Security". American Gas Association. 16 Apr. 2008 - Natural gas allows consumers to heat their homes, feed their families and dry their clothing using one-third less energy than was used 1980. Natural gas is used in nearly 70 percent more homes today than in 1970, yet produces less greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas accounts for roughly one-quarter of all U.S. energy consumption and heats more homes and businesses nationwide than all other sources combined.

"Natural gas as a climate change solution". IPIECA. 26 Sept 2006 - Natural gas has the potential to play a significant role in a carbon-constrained energy future as a relatively low-carbon fuel source.

...As an abundant, relatively low-carbon, clean-burning fuel, natural gas has an important role to play in a carbon-constrained world. Displacing, in power generation, the use of coal or oil with natural gas reduces CO2 emissions (Figure 1), making increased use of natural gas an important component of a portfolio of options to manage the risks of climate change.

...Natural gas is a relatively low-carbon, clean-burning fuel. Displacing the use of coal or oil with natural gas can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and can play an important role in a greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategy.

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