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Argument: Clients are a frustrating part of law practice

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Supporting quotations

"Top Ten (10) Reasons Not To Go To Law School." Karemar Blog. July 19th, 2007: "The best reason not to go to law school and not to become a lawyer is this: CLIENTS. Clients destroy the practice of law and in fact destroy the enjoyment of most businesses, however in law, clients are the worst. Clients hardly ever pay their bills, insist on running the show, though they know nothing about the law, and torment you with incessant calls and emails. [...] Clients are not for me, some people put up with clients and their whining. I, however seek to create value to users through new business opportunities. No more hand holding and babying grownups." "Why you shouldn't go to law school." Law and Letters. November 15th, 2007: "And then there are the clients, who are paying an outrageous amount of money (if you're at a firm), or have been badly screwed and are consequently distrustful and hostile toward the entire world (if you're at a public interest group). Not surprisingly, both groups of people act like jerks too."

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