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Argument: Citizens United frees unions too, but corps are richer

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Supporting quotations

Jonathan Alter. "High Court Hypocrisy: Dick Durbin's got a good idea". Newsweek (Newsweek, Inc.). January 22, 2010: "In a devastating decision, the high court cleared the way for one of those corporate takeovers you read about, only much bigger. If Exxon wants to spend $1 million (a bar tab for Big Oil) defeating an environmentalist running for city council, it can now do so. If Goldman Sachs wants to pay the entire cost of every congressional campaign in the U.S., the law of the land now allows it. The decision frees unions, too, but they already spend about as much as they can on politics. Fortune 100 firms currently spend only a fraction of 1 percent of their $605 billion in annual profits on buying politicians."

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